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IncFile LLC Formation and Everything Your Business Needs

IncFile LLC Formation and Everything Your Business Needs
July 30, 2021 | By Matthew Dunn | LLC Service Reviews

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IncFile is one of the most popular LLC formation companies in the industry. Since their start in 2004, they have helped more than 500,000 businesses form. Their competitive pricing and extensive selection of services are hard to match. This IncFile review will examine their offerings in depth.

In Depth Look at IncFile

Developing articles of organization, organizing business licenses and completing all the documentation to support it can be a confusing endeavor for new entrepreneurs. IncFile helps its customer easily wade through the business formation process. As seen in this IncFile YouTube review, it could not be easier to start an LLC with their help.

The company is known for:

LLC Formation

LLC Formation

Most people think of IncFile because of their free LLC formation package. Not many of their competition can match the contents of that package. As part of the organizational formation, IncFile will:

  • Draft and file your Articles of Organization and business license documentation with the proper state authorities
  • Run name availability searches in your state
  • Full year of free Registered Agent services
  • Business tax consultation with a certified tax consultant
  • Lifetime of company alerts for filing deadlines related to annual report requirements, taxes and business licenses
  • Easy online document access
  • Unlimited customer support by phone or email
Registered Agent Services

Registered Agent Services

Registered Agent services are a requirement for all companies in the United States. A registered agent is designated by the business owner to receive all business communications from various state and federal entities. The registered agent is responsible for making the business owner aware of upcoming deadlines related to business licenses, taxes, annual reports and related documentation.



IncFile has the experience and a stellar track record to prove it. Since 020004, they have successfully formed over 500,000 businesses for their entrepreneur clients. The company has grown exponentially in the last year, and the thousands of flowing online customer reviews prove their success.

Customer Support

IncFile’s customer service department offers customer support via phone or through e-mail. While the phone support can give you answers quickly, you will get a more detailed response through e-mail.

Ease of Use

The IncFile website is very user-friendly. Customers can go straight to their personalized dashboard and access all of their documents. When they are ready to purchase other services, it is easy for them to find exactly what they are looking for. Clean lines and content-rich internal links make using their website a stress-free experience.

Overall Value for the Money

It is hard to beat their Silver package price of $0 plus state filing fees. They offer great features in all of their LLC formation packages, and their additional services are affordable as well. When you spend money with IncFile, we consider it money well-spent.

LLC Formation Packages

IncFile offers three competitively priced LLC formation packages:

LLC Formation Packages

Silver Package

The silver package is their most affordable package at $0 plus state filing fees. This package includes:

Name Availability Search
IncFile will run a name availability search to ensure that the name you are choosing for your new business is not already being used by another business in your state.

Articles of Organization
The Articles of Organization are the primary documentation necessary to start your business. They are prepared and filed with the state along with all business license requirements.

Registered Agent Services
It is required for all businesses in the United States to designate a registered agent to receive all of their business communications regarding license renewal, annual report filing deadlines and tax information.

Business Tax Consultation
You will have a 30-minute consultation with a certified tax consultant to help you understand the tax requirements for your LLC.

Lifetime Company Alerts
You will receive company alerts for filing deadlines, annual report due dates and license renewal for the life of your business.

Unlimited Customer Support
You will have unlimited access to the IncFile customer service department by phone or e-mail.

Document Access
You will have easy access to your documents online whenever you need them.

Order Status Tracking
You can check on the status of your order at any time to find out when it was filed, when it is expected to be completed and when the final documentation has come back from the state.

Silver Package

Gold Package

The Gold package is $149 plus the state filing fee. This package includes everything found in the Silver package plus:

Employer Identification Number
The Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a nine-digit number issued by the IRS that serves as the social security number for your business. An EIN enables you to file business taxes, open a business bank account and hire employees.

Custom Operating Agreement
The operating agreement outlines the structure of the business ownership and sets the ground rules for how you want your business to be run.

Banking Resolution
A banking resolution is a document that allows you to open a business bank account. It includes the names of those upper-level employees who will be allowed to make deposits, withdrawals on behalf of the company. A banking resolution is required to open a bank account for most businesses.

S Corp Tax Preparation
If you want your LLC to be taxed like an S-Corp business, IncFile will prepare and file your S-Corp business taxes for you.

Gold Business Formation Kit
The Gold Business Formation Kit includes a box with your company name, a transfer ledger and a document organizing system.

Gold Package

Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is $299 per year plus state filing fees. This package includes everything in the Gold package, plus:

Expedited Document Filing
With expedited document filing, your turnaround time for getting your business formed will be one to three business days.

Sample Document Library
The IncFile Sample Document Library contains a comprehensive library of more than 25 commonly used legal contract templates.

Business Website and Domain Name
IncFile partners with SnapWeb to provide you with a professionally designed website based on their existing templates. There is an additional monthly hosting fee of $25 for this service.

Platinum Package

Additional Services Available

In addition to the services included in their three LLC formation packages, IncFile offers the following additional services:

IncFile will file all amendments to your LLC, including name change, changes in ownership and management.

If your company is closing down, IncFile will help you file your dissolution paperwork with the appropriate state and federal authorities.

Foreign Qualification
IncFile offers foreign qualification services to those who already have an existing LLC in a different state and are filing for a new formation in a different location.

DBA/Fictitious Business Name
If your business is anything other than your name, you will need to file a DBA (doing business as) or fictitious business name document.

Annual Report Service
Each year, businesses are required to file a copy of their annual report with the state. IncFile will prepare your annual report to the required specifications.

Certificate of Good Standing
The document that shows that you are in compliance with all relevant paperwork and licensing requirements.

IncFile will help you file your trademark with the US Patent Office.

Business Accounting
IncFile offers business accounting and bookkeeping services at an affordable monthly rate.

Change of Registered Agent
In the event that you need to designate a new Registered agent, IncFile will file your change forms with the state to keep you in compliance.

Registered Agent Services
For Registered Agent Services beyond the first free year that is included in the packages, IncFile charges $119 per year.

Pros and Cons of IncFile

No business is absolutely perfect. Following are the Pros and Cons for IncFile:

  • Free LLC formation
  • Affordable packages
  • Website and domain names in Platinum package
  • Free tax consultation
  • Trademark registration service
  • Business accounting and bookkeeping
  • Sample document library
  • DBA and Fictitious Business Name
  • Good customer support
  • 500,000 businesses formed
  • Lifetime alerts
  • Extremely restrictive refund policy
  • Lots of upsells
  • Customer service e-mail response can be slow

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Should I Use IncFile?

IncFile could be a perfect fit for you if your budget is tight, and Free LLC formation would help. For first-time entrepreneurs, the tax consultation is extremely valuable as is the sample document library.

IncFile offers several additional services that the competition does not offer. The business accounting and bookkeeping services especially stand out. Most new business owners feel lost when faced with accounting issues and having this service could avoid future issues with the IRS, such as audits.

This IncFile Review considers the company to be one of the top business formation companies in the industry because they have earned their reputation. Between the packages and their comprehensive list of additional services, they offer everything a new business owner could need.

If, however, you think that you might need a lot of customer support, their slow e-mail customer service turnaround times could be a problem. If your business needs are more complicated, you may want to consider other options.

Alternatives to IncFile

A good IncFile Review would not be complete without a comparison to some of the other top companies in the business formation industry. In this section, we compare IncFile to Northwest Registered Agents, ZenBusiness and LegalZoom.

IncFile vs Northwest Registered Agents

Northwest Registered Agent has served more than 2 million customers since its inception in 1998. They recently began offering their package services on a monthly payment plan that waives the extra state filing fee charges. The company not only offers their package services, they also have a do-it-yourself option using their software so that you can get your LLC formation paperwork exactly right.

Northwest is already among the top business formation firms in the industry, and these new additions to their services may raise their future rankings.

IncFile and Northwest Registered Agents have the following in common:

Registered Agent Services
Both IncFile and Northwest Registered Agents offer free Registered Agent services for the first year as part of their packages. For subsequent years, Northwest charges $125 a year while IncFile charges $119 a year.

With Northwest in business since 1998 and IncFile being in business since 2004, both companies have a great deal of experience providing business formation services.

Great Customer Reviews
Both companies are highly rated according to their online customer reviews. The Better Business Bureau ranks both companies at a 4.28/5.

Both companies are considered highly trustworthy by those business owners who used them for LLC formation or other business services.

Ease of Use
Both Northwest Registered Agent and IncFile have sites that are user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Northwest Registered Agent and IncFile differ in the following ways:

It is hard to compete with free LLC formation. IncFile wins on pricing as Northwest Registered Agents’ pricing is quite a bit higher. The packages from both companies have the right features in them but the price difference is substantial.

Additional Services
While both companies have an extensive list of additional services, Inc File seems to offer a more complete selection and is one of the few business formation services to offer accounting and bookkeeping services.

Customer Support
Both companies have great customer support services. Northwest Registered Agent is known for quick response times over the phone. Most of their negative reviews are related to the slow turnaround from e-mail customer service queries.

If you think that they are a good fit for your organization, visit Northwest Registered Agent today for more information.

  Northwest Registered Agent

IncFile vs ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness and IncFile are the undeniable leaders of the business formation industry. ZenBusiness has been helping entrepreneurs since it opened its doors in 2015. Their package prices are affordable and include everything you need to start your business.

ZenBusiness and IncFile have the following things in common:

Registered Agent Services
Both ZenBusiness and IncFile include a free year of registered agent services in all their package deals. Subsequent years for both companies are available for $119 per year.

Even though Inc File has been in business for eleven years longer than ZenBusiness, both companies have excellent reviews. Since its start in 2004, IncFile has formed more than 500,000 businesses. While ZenBusiness has formed far less since their 2015 start, they have an organizational goal of one million business formations within the next five years. Both companies have thousands of stellar online reviews.

ZenBusiness offers a basic package for $49 plus the state filing fee. IncFile’s basic package is free plus the state filing fee. These are two of the most affordable business formation packages in the industry.

Annual Compliance
Both ZenBusiness and IncFile offer annual compliance alerts. With IncFile, this service is free for the lifetime of your company and comes with all three of their packages. ZenBusiness offers their “worry-free-compliance” service as part of their two upper-tier packages.

Customer Feedback
Both companies get very strong customer feedback ratings online. The only reason that IncFile has more of them is because they have been in business longer.

Fast Turnaround
Both ZenBusiness and IncFile have fast processing times. IncFile has same-day processing while ZenBusiness promises three to five days for their filing. Depending on the state where you are forming your business, you can expect full electronic copies of your finalized business documentation within two weeks.

Ease of Use
Both IncFile and ZenBusiness have dashboards where the customer can easily locate all their business documents. Both websites are very easy to navigate, although the ZenBusiness website is more basic.

ZenBusiness and IncFile differ in the following ways:

Package Features
IncFile’s most basic package may be a better price, but the features included in the basic package from ZenBusiness win with their included operating agreement template. IncFile charges an additional fee for this important document.

If you think they are a good fit for your company, visit ZenBusiness today for more information.


IncFile vs LegalZoom

LegalZoom has been in business since 1999 offering business formation and a wide variety of legal services for both business and personal matters. They have formed more than one million businesses, but it should be mentioned that business formation is not their primary focus.

When comparing IncFile vs LegalZoom, we find the following things in common:

Both IncFile and LegalZoom have been in business for a long time. With LegalZoom already having formed more than one million businesses and IncFile having more than 500,000 formations, experience is a strength for both.

Additional Services
IncFile and LegalZoom have a large number of additional services available. IncFile’s focus is solely business-related while LegalZoom offers both business and personal legal services.

Online Order Tracking
Both IncFile and LegalZoom make tracking the progress of your business formation easy with their online order tracking systems.

Customer Support
Both companies have great customer support departments who provide professional guidance in a timely manner via both phone or e-mail.

LegalZoom has an extensive library containing articles on every possible aspect of business legal issues. IncFile has a decent library of information related to business structure and compliance issues.

When we compare IncFile vs LegalZoom, we find the following differences:

Registered Agent Services
IncFile includes a free year of registered agent services in all their packages. LegalZoom only offers registered agent services as a separate service.

Package Features
IncFile offers a beginning price of free LLC formation with a lot of other valuable features in their packages. LegalZoom’s packages begin at $79 with few features beyond the filing of articles of organization.

IncFile has more pricing transparency and few upsells throughout the LLC formation process while the excessive upsells in LegalZoom’s formation process can leave the customer with an expensive surprise at checkout.

Customer Reviews
IncFile has more positive reviews overall. In LegalZoom’s defense, their reviews cover all of their offered services, including both their business services as well as personal services such as will preparation and divorce.

Refund Policy
LegalZoom has a sixty-day window for requesting a refund. IncFile’s refund policy is highly restrictive.

If you believe that their extensive availability of a wide variety of legal services in addition to your LLC formation is what you need for your business, visit LegalZoom for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is IncFile Legit?

    Yes, they carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and they have successfully formed more than half a million businesses. They are growing exponentially and continue to provide some of the best LLC formation services in the industry.

  2. What Does IncFile Do?

    IncFile is a business formation service and registered agent. Entrepreneurs supply the details of the business they want to form. IncFile first checks for the availability of your chosen business name in your state. They then assemble the rest of the information you supplied into Articles of Organization, business license applications and all related documentation. This documentation is then filed with the appropriate state and federal entities. IncFile also offers several other services that new entrepreneurs need to run their businesses. Additionally, they also have a library of articles that provide the new business owner with more information on successfully and legally running a business.

  3. Is IncFile Good for LLC Formation?

    Absolutely! IncFile has a lot of experience doing LLC formation. It is their primary business. Their $0 silver package has brought them a lot of business. When you factor in all the additional services they offer, they have everything a business needs to succeed.

  4. Does IncFile Have Good Customer Support?

    They have a great customer support team. They are available by phone and by e-mail. They are especially respected for the detail included in their e-mail responses to customer service inquiries.

  5. Which Package is the Best?

    All three of the packages have great features. If you are on a budget with simple needs for getting your LLC formed, the Silver package is a good fit. Their Gold package is also a good deal and offers several highly desirable features as well.

  6. Does IncFile Offer Any Discounts?

    IncFile does not offer discounts. They really do not need to as their $0 basic LLC formation package provides more to the customer than the discounts offered by other companies in the business formation industry.

  7. Why Would I Need an IncFile Annual Subscription?

    Having an annual subscription gives you ongoing registered agent services. Tax prep and business accounting and bookkeeping are additional services that you can rely on. Their annual report service is another annual service that is worth investing in. If you combine these services with their ongoing compliance support, paying for IncFile annually is a good investment for any business.

  8. Does IncFile Share Your Information with Third Parties?

    They only share your information with third parties when you buy a service that requires it. The two services that are outsourced to their partners are business accounting and bookkeeping and the website and domain name services.

  9. How Long Does EIN take?

    One day. IncFile promises to have your EIN back to you via e-mail within one day.

  10. How Quickly Does IncFile Process LLC Formations?

    They file your documentation with the state on the same day. Most states take up to two weeks to respond with your finalized business documents.

  11. Can I Form an LLC Without Physically Being in the US?

    Yes. Anyone can form an LLC in the United States as long as they establish a physical US mailing address.

  12. What is Their Refund Policy?

    They have one of the most restrictive refund policies in the business formation industry. They will only give you a refund if you request it prior to the documentation being filed with your state. They also charge you a $30 cancellation fee.

  13. Where is IncFile Located?

    Since its opening in 2004, IncFile has maintained its headquarters in Houston, Texas.

  14. How Do I Cancel IncFile?

    To cancel your subscription, you need to contact them at Upon receipt of your email, they will forward you the forms you need to complete to cancel your prescription and transfer your registered agent services.

  15. Can I Form an LLC On My Own?

    Anyone can file documentation with their state to form their LLC. Contact your state for the proper forms for LLC formation and contact the IRS for your EIN.
    Make sure that you fill out the forms completely or your efforts might be rejected. You can also contact a business attorney for advice on forming an LLC, but that can lead to a substantial expense on your part.

Final Thoughts

This IncFile Review finds the company to be a top-notch business formation company. Between their LLC Formation packages and their additional services, you really can find everything you need to run your own business.

Their competitive pricing and package features make it easy to keep your company in compliance with state and federal regulations. They have earned their reputation as one of the top LLC Formation companies for more than just offering a free start-up package.

Articles found in their blog can help guide you through every aspect of keeping your business in compliance. Services such as their Annual Report preparation, tax filing, and business accounting and bookkeeping make it easy to keep your business in good legal standing so that you can focus on the most important thing: running your business as you see fit.

If you are ready to file your trademark with the US Patent Office, IncFile will make sure that your application is done right. Even their website and domain name service is a good deal, and the extra charge of $20 per month for hosting is competitive.

This IncFile Review finds that with Inc File, you have one place that you can go to for every tool you need for running your business. If you are ready to start your LLC formation, visit IncFile today.

IncFile LLC Formation and Everything Your Business Needs

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