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Inc Authority Reviews: Are they more than just free LLC formation?

Inc Authority Review
June 25, 2021 | By Matthew Dunn | LLC Service Reviews

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Starting a new business can seem overwhelming. Understanding which paperwork is necessary and what legal requirements need to be met can be puzzling. It is easy to miss a step if you are inexperienced.

Inc Authority can help you form your LLC or corporation with a minimal amount of confusion, and a price tag of free for their most basic LLC formation package.

Many new entrepreneurs turn to formation services to make sure that they will meet all of their state and federal requirements regarding licensing, taxes, and business name protocols.

This Inc Authority Overview will help you decide if they are the right choice for you.

Inc Authority Overview

Inc Authority is a business formation service that has been in business since 1989. They provide the following services to their customers:

  • LLC formation
  • Registered agent services
  • Digital storage
  • Distribution of compliance documentation
  • Tax planning consultation
  • Business funding analysis
  • EIN application
  • Trademark application
  • Credit assessment

Inc Authority Pricing

Packages Pricing and Additional Services

There are several different packages available for LLC Services.

Basic LLC Formation Package ($0 + state fees)

Inc Authority’s most basic package is their free basic LLC package. While the business formation is free, you will be required to pay your state’s filing fee. This package includes:

  • Business name verification
  • Registered agent services
  • S-corp election form (optional)
  • Digital storage and delivery
  • Tax planning consultation
  • Document preparation and filing
  • INC CARE Support
  • Business credit and funding analysis

Starter Bundle ($399 + state fees)

Inc Authority’s Starter Business Bundle costs $399 plus the state filing fee. The Starter bundle includes:

  • Verification of business name
  • Preparation and filing of Documentation and Articles of Organization
  • Complete operating agreement and bylaws
  • Record book and company seal
  • Initial meeting minutes and resolutions
  • Ownership certificates
  • EIN application
  • Business credit and funding analysis
  • Tax consultation
  • One year Success Advisor advanced customer service

Executive Bundle ($499 + state fees)

Inc Authority also provides Executive Business Bundle which costs $499 plus the state filing fee. The executive bundle includes everything in the Starter Package plus:

  • Business license report
  • Website domain

Tycoon Bundle ($799 + state fees)

The Tycoon Business Bundle costs $799 plus the state filing fee. The Tycoon bundle includes everything in the Executive package as well as:

  • Express processing
  • BizCredit Express
  • Business Credit Coach
  • Multi-tiered credit building system
  • Business Credit Launch Pad
  • Dunn & Bradstreet Credit Bureau Registration

Additional Services

Inc Authority offers the following additional services:

  • Trademark application
  • Revocable living trust
  • Business plan advisor
  • Website and Marketing packages

Pros and Cons

Inc Authority Reviews show the following pros and cons for the formation of LLC:

  • The most basic LLC formation package is free, aside from the state filing fee.
  • Free Registered Agent services for the first year
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Trademark application service
  • Premium packages are more expensive than the competition
  • Too many upsells if you are trying to form a corporation as opposed to an LLC
  • Customer service hours are limited
  • Refunds are not offered for any reason


Inc Authority Services

Inc Authority Reviews would not be complete without an in-depth analysis of their services.

LLC Formation

Inc Authority’s primary draw is its free LLC formation. This is a part of their most basic package, and you will still need to pay your state filing fees.

A video demonstration of how to create a free LLC will show you just how easy it is to get started.

When you are a small business, you have a few choices for starting up. Operating your business as a sole proprietor is one option, but if anything goes wrong, you will find yourself liable for all of the debts of the business.

A Limited Liability Company (aka Limited Liability Corporation) will protect you and keep your personal finances separate from your business debt.

Registered Agent Services

Every company is required to have a registered agent to receive information from the government, accept reminders for license renewals and any information related to taxes, annual report filings, and other important business communications.

Inc Authority will give you the first year for free with a low-cost subscription price of $99 per year for subsequent years.

Distribution of Compliance Documentation

Inc Authority will make sure your compliance documentation is delivered to the appropriate federal or state agencies by their deadlines. Any updates will also be submitted in a timely manner.

Tax Planning Consultants

A session with a tax consultant will teach you to plan for taxes in a manner that will help you save more of the income generated by your business. Inc Authority’s packages include a one-hour consultation with a tax consultant.

Preparation and Filing of all Applicable Documentation

Each package includes the preparation and filing of all of your application documentation including your articles of organization. Inc Authority will make sure that it is all complete and in full compliance with state and federal regulations.

S-Election Form

All Inc Authority’s bundles include the option to file an IRS Form 2553, also known as the S-Corp Election Form.

The S-Corp or “small business corporation” is a tax designation given to LLCs and corporations that are structured in such a way by law with certain limitations on their owners’ liability incurred while running it.

Digital Storage

Inc Authority’s digital service will deliver all of your documentation in digital format. They will also store a copy where you can easily access it.

Trademark Application

They will make sure that your trademark application is complete and submitted properly.

EIN Application

Inc Authority will file your completed EIN application with the federal government to expedite your employer ID number.

The EIN is used instead of your social security number when you register a business as anything other than a sole proprietorship.

Credit Assessment

As a part of Inc Authority’s services, they will perform a business credit assessment. The results of this assessment will help you better understand the spending power your company has that is based on a credit score.

Operating Agreement

In general terms, the Operating Agreement is about how LLC will be managed, divided among members, profit payouts, etc.

Important to know that these states: New York, Delaware, California, Maine, Missouri, require an Operating Agreement for LLC. Although you are not required to send it to them, you still have to have it in your LLC documents.

We highly recommend drawing up an Operating Agreement! It’ll help safeguard against potential issues downline which could cost time or money (or both).

The Operating Agreement drafting option is not included in the entry bundle. But, you can pay $89 for service separately.

Business License Report

You may think you can get by with a few permits or licenses, but the truth is that anything could be subject to regulation. This means you may require one or more documents for state and/or federal levels if necessary—depending on where your business resides!

It takes a lot of time to find which proper permit or license you need to comply with the regulations on different levels.

Inc Authority’s Executive and Tycoon bundles come with a business license report that will show you which licenses are necessary for your specific industry, based on where it’s located.

Inc Authority’s Steps to Registering an LLC

There are three simple steps to registering an LLC for free:

  1. Step One: About Your Business
    In this step, you will be asked to talk about the business entity you are forming. You will first select which state your business will be based out of. You will then answer questions such as the name of your business as well as the nature and purpose of your business.

    Inc Authority will perform a business name search in your state. If there is a conflict, they will notify you immediately to discuss your options. When you detail the nature and purpose of your business it helps them to determine business licenses and any other requirements for your business to be in compliance in your state.
  2. Step Two: Contact Information
    In the second step, you will enter your contact information and designate your registered agent. Every business is required to name a registered agent who will receive all of your business-related correspondence from the government.

    The free LLC formation package includes a full free year of registered agent services from Inc Authority only.
  3. Step Three: Business Formation
    During the third and final step, you will begin the work of forming your LLC. This stage includes submission of all of your company data such as your members and managers for your articles of organization.

    Inc Authority’s expert will help you determine which information needs to be submitted at this stage to make sure that your business is in compliance from the beginning.

    After you have submitted your data, you will go through the checkout process. The only cost you will be required to pay is your state filing fee.

Inc Authority Customer Experiences

For more than 30 years, Inc Authority has provided LLC Services and exceptional customer support to their clients. There are more than 6,000 five-star reviews on Trustpilot. The most common customer comments are related to exceptional customer service, quick response, rapid processing of LLC formation and the selection of available services.

Inc Authority Alternatives

Inc Authority Reviews will compare the company to ZenBusiness, IncFile, and LegalZoom, their foremost competitors in the business company formation industry.

Inc Authority VS ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is one of the Top LLC Formation Services in the industry. Their high customer service ratings and competitive pricing make them strong competition. They are a relatively new company having only been formed in 2015, however they have high aspirations to service one million clients within the next five years.

ZenBusiness and Inc Authority have several things in common. They both offer:


Both companies offer high-quality services at reasonable prices. With ZenBusiness starting prices of $49 for LLC formation vs Inc Authority’s free LLC formation, Inc Authority has the edge for the base plan.

ZenBusiness wins with the premium packages as Inc Authority is priced higher than most other business formation companies.

Registered Agent Service

Both companies offer free registered agent services for the first year with all of their packages. For subsequent years, Inc Authority charges $99 per year while ZenBusiness charges $119 for subsequent years giving Inc Authority a slight edge.

Customer Service

Both companies have five-star customer service. They also have something to be desired from their customer service hours leaving this one in a tie.


Both companies are entirely legitimate. They have proven to be trustworthy with very few complaints against either. This classification is also a tie.


Although ZenBusiness is relatively new in comparison, both companies have proven that they have the experience to service clients of all business sizes. Despite the difference in the age of the two businesses, this classification is also a tie.

Ease of Use

Both websites are easy to use. They both take the guesswork out of the LLC formation process.

Business Plans

Although it is an add-on for both companies, ZenBusiness offers business plan templates. Inc Authority takes this one a step further with their Business Plan Advisor service and therefore takes the win on this one.

While there are many similarities between the two companies, there are also several differences between the two. The differences between them are as follows:

Trademark Application

Inc Authority is one of the few companies that offer this service. ZenBusiness does not offer this service either in a package or as an add-on.

Premium Packages

When it comes to services offered and the pricing of their premium packages, ZenBusiness takes the edge on pricing while IncAuthority takes the edge on the contents of their premium bundles.

Their most basic packages are quite similar with ZenBusiness offering an operating agreement in their base package while Inc Authority offers an optional s-corp election form.

Both companies offer great customer service sharing an average score of 4.8/5 on TrustPilot.

ZenBusiness is the overall winner for its comprehensive packages at affordable prices. While those services that are missing would be nice to have, such as trademark application, they offer a better website and domain service as a part of their top premium package.


Inc Authority VS IncFile

IncFile has been in business since 2004. They are known for their free LLC formation and their expedited services. IncFile and Inc Authority have the following things in common:

Free LLC Formation

IncFile and Inc Authority are the only two LLC formation companies to offer a truly free LLC formation deal. No matter what business formation company you prefer, you won’t be able to escape the state filing fee.

With their free LLC formation package, they are customer-friendly and affordable for their most basic package.

Registered Agent

Not only do both companies offer free registered agent services for the first year, but their fees are low for subsequent years as well. IncFile charges $99 per year while Inc Authority charges $119 per year for every subsequent year.

Ease of Use

Both companies make it easy for entrepreneurs to take advantage of their free LLC formation service. They both have user-friendly apps that leave no questions unanswered during the LLC formation process.

While the two companies share many similar qualities, there are differences between them as well:

Premium Package Pricing

IncFile has very affordable packages available at every level while Inc Authority’s package pricing for their upper-tier bundles is some of the highest in the industry.

Trademark Application

Only Inc Authority offers trademark application services.

Business Credit

Inc Authority is the only one that offers a variety of credit counseling, coaching and consulting. They also help new businesses identify funding sources.

Next Day Service

IncFile is the only business formation company to offer next-day service on their LLC formation packages.

Both companies are excellent LLC Services. If you are looking for a good free LLC formation plan, either company would be a good choice. IncFile wins for the pricing on their premium packages as well as their next-day service.

To learn more about IncFile or if you feel they might be a good fit for their company, visit IncFile today for more information or to get started with their free formation services.

  Visit IncFile

Inc Authority VS LegalZoom

LegalZoom has been around for a long time. Established in 1999, they offer a wide variety of legal services and have formed over one million businesses since their inception.

The best thing that LegalZoom has to offer is their compliance package which does yearly filings of annual reports, license renewals, and any other documentation necessary to keep you in compliance.

The two companies have very few things in common. LegalZoom has limited offerings on their package LLC formation deals. Their offerings are more like an a la carte menu where you order what you need. A lot of their offerings are extremely pricey.

Registered agent services which are free for Inc Authority customers for the first year, cost $299 a year just for that one service with LegalZoom.

The turnaround time for both companies is not exceptionally fast. LegalZoom, however, is known for its exceptionally slow turnaround.

Both companies do offer trademark application services. LegalZoom is able to take this several steps further with legal support for trademark protections, copyrights, and patent applications.

When it comes to ease of use of their websites, Inc Authority is more user-friendly. LegalZoom seems to offer so many services that it is not always an easy path to find what you are looking for. The LegalZoom website does have a huge library of legal documents that are easy to access.

If you believe that LegalZoom might be the right fit for your business, or you need more legal advice, you can get visit LegalZoom for more information.



  1. Is Inc Authority Legit?

    Yes. For over 30 years, Inc Authority has been providing LLC Services to business start-up customers. Their most basic free LLC Services, the free LLC Formation Package provides exactly what it promises.

  2. Does Inc Authority Have Good Customer Support?

    Inc Authority is known to provide exceptional customer support. The only drawback is that their customer support line is only open from 8 pm to 5 pm Monday through Friday. At Inc Authority, they do provide a fast turnaround when you send an email or leave them a message.

  3. Is Inc Authority worth it?

    Inc Authority is very good at what they do. Their bundles, while pricey, can be a good fit for entrepreneurs in need of credit and funding assistance. Their Free LLC Formation Service is exactly what many startups need, and individual add-ons can help you keep costs down. Therefore, Inc Authority is definitely worth it.

  4. Does Inc Authority Have Upsells?

    When you opt for free formation services, they will offer upsells for things like S-corporation election forms and trademark applications. Business plan formation is another of their additional services that are beneficial upsells to new entrepreneurs.

    The upsells are listed on the final page of the order form and are consolidated into one place. They are there if you need them.

  5. How Quickly Does Inc Authority Form an LLC?

    The turnaround time on an LLC formation will vary according to the state. Some states will only take a few days while others will take a few weeks.

  6. Which package is the best for Inc Authority?

    Inc Authority has a free LLC Service which is the basic Free LLC formation package. While the bundles do offer a lot of services, they are pricey in comparison with their competitors.

  7. Why would I need to renew my subscription annually with Inc Authority?

    Inc Authority offers their first year with free registered agent service and subsequent years for an affordable $99. Since there is a requirement for a registered agent to be assigned for every business, this is a legitimate reason to keep your subscription renewed.

  8. What Is Refund Policy at Inc Authority?

    If you cancel within the first 14 days, there will be a full refund except for the state filing fee. After 14 days, there are no refunds.

  9. How do I cancel Inc Authority Subscription?

    You will need to fill out a cancellation form and provide the government with a new registered agent for your business.

Final Thoughts

Inc Authority reviews have found the company to be a good company that provides the services they promise. Their basic Free LLC formation package is a good one, and they do provide trademark application services that a number of their competitors do not.

Inc Authority also offers website and marketing packages that should be attractive to new entrepreneurs.

They have a positive focus on business credit building and help Inc Authority’s customers find funding as well. Their premium package prices are somewhat higher than their competition, and in some cases, their competition offers more services at a better price.

Still, they are a viable alternative for entrepreneurs that need free LLC formation services and for those who are in need of building their business credit.

If you think that they provide the right services for the formation of your business, visit Inc Authority for more information or to get started forming your new business.


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